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Sometimes, it just doesn't fit. Luckily, Sencor reductions can connect all sorts of devices. Just choose the right one.



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SAV 188-000
Jack adapter
2x 3,5 mm Jack Female 3P - 1x 3,5 mm Jack Male 4P
SAV 151-000
A/V Premium adapter
SCART Plug - S-video/MD4Pin Socket, IN/OUT Switch
SAV 149-000
A/V Premium adapter
Adapter 2,5mm Stereo Plugt/M - 3,5mm Stereo Jack/F
SAV 121-000
A/V Premium Adapter
3,5 mm stereo jack - 2x 3,5 mm stereo Plug
SAV 120-000
A/V Premium Adapter
Cinch/RCA Jack to Cinch/RCA Jack
SAV 118-000
AV Premium adapter
3,5mm Stereo Plug - 2 Cinch/RCA Jacks
SAV 117-000
AV Premium Adapter
6,35mm Stereo Plug to 3,5mm Stereo Jack
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