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An electric foot file that rids of uncomfortable callus, or a practical shoe dryer which comes in handy after skiing of skating. You will appreciate these Sencor companions in various situations.


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SMM 3090SS
Make-up Mirror
Double-sided design. One side provides a standard reflection, while the other side a fivefold magnification enabling perfect care for every detail.
SPE 411
SPE 411x
Pedicure Callus Remover
Finely Grounded Diamond Crystals for Long-life Durability. Quickly Rotating Scrub Stone for Easy Use (1700 rpm).
SPX 001
Replacement Grinding Rollers
Finely Ground Diamond Crystals for Long-life Durability
SDS 8540
Shoe Dryer
Suitable for shoes drying (incl. ski boots or skates). Size suitable also for childrens shoes.
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