Air Purifier

Elegant and Effective Solution for Improving Indoor Air Quality

4-Step Filtration Ensuring Highest Possible Efficiency
  • Inflow Filter: Captures Coarse Dust Particles and Allergens
  • Carbon Filter: Absorbs Formaldehyde, Benzene and other Harmful Gases
  • HEPA 13 Filter: Captures Dust Particles, Smoke, Gases and other Allergenic Particles
  • UV-C Radiation: Destroys Microorganisms such as Bacteria, Viruses, Moulds (Including Their Toxins)

Automatic Shut off Timer Can Be Set to 2, 4 and 8 Hours
3 Cleaning Speeds
Easy to Replace Filter
UV-C Lamp Lifetime: 20,000 Hours (More than 5 Years of Standard Operation)
Noise Level: 32dB(A) (Bedroom), 45dB(A) (Quiet Garden), 55dB(A) (Forest)
Recommended Room Area: up to 20m2
Power Input: 60W
Dimensions (Width × Depth × Height): 324 × 181 × 242mm
Weight: 3.27kgs
UV Light: Wavelength: 254 nanometres
Air Purifiers

Technical description

For Rooms up to 15 m2
Power input 60 W
Height 24,2 cm
Width 32,4 cm
Depth 18,1 cm
Weight 3,2 kg


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3in1 HEPA 13 Filter
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3in1 HEPA 13 Filter
3in1 HEPA 13 Filter For SENCOR Air Purifier SHA 6400WH
SHX 005
3in1 Filter
3in1 Filter For SENCOR Air Purifier SHA 6400WH
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