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Antenna Cables

Coaxial cables of various lengths, connectors and splitters. All that you need to set-up your TV and antenna.



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sav 169
sav 169
Antenna Cable
Fully shielded connectors, IEC plug - IEC Socket 90°
sav 109
sav 109
Antenna Cable
Excellent ratio output / price, Fully shielded connectors
SAV 132
Screw connector for RG6U
Excellent ratio output / price
SAV 129
Coaxial connector
Coaxial connector, Straight, White plastic-nickel
SAV 128
Coaxial connector-socket
Coaxial connector-socket, Straight, White plastic-nickel
SAV 127
Coaxial connector-socket
Coaxial connector-socket, Vertical, White plastic-nickel
SAV 126
Coaxial connector
Coaxial connector, Vertical, White plastic-nickel
SAV 125
Coaxial two-way hub
Coaxial two-way hub, TV (1M-2F)
SAV 124
Coaxial two-way combiner
Coaxial two-way combiner, TV (1M-2F), Nickel
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