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Boomboxes and radio cassette players have been part of our homes and workplaces for the last 40 years. You could hardly find a such a complex companion for music listening with such simple controls. Listen to CDs, MP3s from USB and SD drives, connect your phone through bluetooth, or just play a good old cassette or radio station. All of that on just one single device. And make it even better with extra technology such as equalisers, disco LED features or remote control.



Card slot
MP3 support
Power output (RMS)

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SPT 5800
Boombox with CD, BT, MP3, USB, AUX
Output Power 25 W RMS, Two Active 4 Ohm Speakers 4" and Two Passive Speakers to Increase the Bass Sound Effect
SPT 4700
Output Power 12 W RMS ( 2 x 6 W ), CD-R / RW, Bluetooth, MP3, SD and USB Compatible
spt 3907
spt 3907
Cassette Player with CD, BT
CD-R / RW, Bluetooth, MP3, and USB Compatible
1499.00 € More information
SPT 3600
SPT 3600
Boombox with CD, BT, MP3, USB, AUX and FM Radio
Output Power 5 W RMS (2 x 2.5 W), CD-R / RW, Bluetooth, MP3 and USB Compatible
SPT 2320
Portable CD Player with Bluetooth
CD-R / RW, Bluetooth, MP3 and USB Compatible
SPT 1600
SPT 1600
Portable CD Player
CD-R/RW, MP3 Compatible, Programmable Playback with 20 Track Memory for CD and 99 Track Memory for MP3
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